Welcome to NQuiX

NQuiX is a chemical informatics, computational chemistry and molecular modelling company, working at the interface between drug discovery units, synthetic/medicinal chemistry CROs, screening CROs and specialist software companies. We are experts in lead generation/optimization, with considerable experience applying computational methodology to wide-ranging drug design problems. We seek out the best commercially available methods and supplement them with a range of novel, proprietary technology to maximise the probability of success. We currently have unique capability in the fields of virtual screening, protein-protein interaction inhibitor design and chemogenomics/chemical biology, with other areas under development.

NQuiX works with drug discovery units from all sectors – academic, not-for-profit, biotech and big pharma – providing project support/management and delivering high-quality hits for optimization through excellence in compound design. We provide a broad range of support options and access to very large scale data analysis, notably through the use of cloud computing. We can further support projects with cost-effective compound synthesis and/or testing, if required, through carefully selected chemistry Contract Research Organisations (CROs) worldwide. We have an academic partnership program to facilitate the progression of promising biological targets using our methodology and an open innovation approach to lead generation available for interested commercial entities.

In addition, NQuiX also works with the synthetic/medicinal chemistry and screening CROs to help tailor their offering to the needs of the industry. As a result, we have a wide range of compound libraries available for screening as well as access to considerable chemical diversity that won’t be found listed in commercially available databases. These can be applied to particular projects or used more generally for Compound Collection Enhancement activities.