Lead Discovery for Academia

NQuiX is partnering with academic researchers across a wide range of disease areas to facilitate the progression of their biological targets. We provide a thorough assessment of target tractability and lead generation options to support grant applications, as well as assistance with practical aspects such as the identification and sourcing of key tool compounds and the provision of medicinal chemistry input. We then execute the lead generation / optimization plan, usually utilising the powerful proprietary design methods uniquely available to us. Particular areas of focus are G-Protein Coupled Receptor (GPCR) and Protein-Protein Interaction Inhibitor (PPIi) design problems or structure-enabled targets that would benefit from our high-throughput virtual screening capability.

Open Innovation Leads for Pharma

Commercial entities wishing to access NQuiX capability can do so using a conventional contractual arrangement or via an Open Innovation approach. The latter is a shared-risk business model that is particularly useful for high value targets that have otherwise proven intractable to in-house lead generation efforts, typically including high-throughput screening (HTS). NQuiX can perform a confidential assessment of the probability of success using our own methods and, for selected projects, obtain novel chemical diversity for targeted screening, with the majority of the costs deferred until hit identification has been achieved.