Screening Libraries

NQuiX have considerable expertise in the design of screening libraries, be they diverse screening decks for large pharmaceutical companies or more focused selections for particular diseases or target classes. A wide range of sophisticated computational analyses are used to refine compound selection and increase the probability of success during screening. This capability has been coupled with our access to a very wide range of synthetic chemistry through our partner CROs, enabling provision of an extremely diverse range of high-quality drug-like compounds that goes far beyond those compounds listed in vendor catalogues.

NQuiX are also working closely with some of the best compound suppliers world-wide to deliver targeted libraries for important and high-value targets. Examples to date include compound libraries designed for epigenetics and protein-protein interaction (PPI) targets. In addition, we can provide clients with the design and optional synthesis of custom compound libraries for their particular targets of interest, utilising a mixture of design approaches, including proprietary methodology where appropriate.

NEW! Lipid GPCR (EDG) Receptor Screening Library

EDG-buttonA screening library of >8,000 compounds has been designed in collaboration with Enamine based on available and newly synthesized compounds. These target the family of 8 EDG receptors (S1P1-5 and LPA1-3). The compounds may also be appropriate for screening at GPR3, GPR6 and GPR12 orphan receptors given some TM bundle binding site similarity and/or GPR23, GPR92 and P2Y5 given their more recent classification as additional, albeit distinct, LPA receptors. Compounds targeting the receptors have potential application in inflammation, immune disease, cancer, CNS diseases as well as other indications. The compounds have been selected using a combination of ligand-based methods including chemical fingerprints, 2D pharmacophores and 3D shape/feature matches. They represent a combination of compounds for expanding SAR around known chemotypes and scaffold hops seeking novelty. The current set of compounds covers the non-acidic classes of ligand, with acidic compounds being designed via a different procedure and offered separately.  Further detail can be downloaded from NQuiX-Enamine S1P LPA EDG Library. For a copy of the SDFile, please contact or